Estimate DR Testing Fees

When you run a recovery with Cloud IBR, you will be charged hourly for the Bare Metal Cloud infrastructure rental. The numbers presented here are estimates and the actual fees will be based on the BMC inventory that you are assigned during each recovery.

Hourly fees incurred with each recovery, included in below calculator:

  • Windows Host for Veeam: 16 to 29 cents
  • Windows License: 3 cents
  • Public /29 IP Block: 2 cents
  • NMVE SAN Storage per TB: 12 cents
  • Bandwidth: First 15TB included for free, then 1 cent per GB outbound.
  • ESXi Hosts: Varies depending on your RAM requirement and available inventory at time of recovery. For example, 512GB hosts range from $1.10 to $1.92 per hour, depending on the number of cores.

Pick a Plan
Total Estimated Hourly Cost During Recovery: $0.75